Top of Mind Awareness
Route based repetition advertising- commuters see your ad multiple times a day!

High Visibility
Benches at street level on many high traffic count street – will be seen by drivers and pedestrians!

Works for You
Your ad is always “on”, It runs 24/7/365.

All Inclusive
We do all the work from ad design, installation, and storage!

Seasonal Targeting
Choose when you want your ad to run! Choose from 3, 6, or 12 month options.

Geographic Targeting
Choose where you want to advertise for maximum impact!

Affordable and Effective
Lowest cost per impression than billboards, television, radio, or newspaper!

Comparing Media’s CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)

Newspaper $20
TV $6-16
Billboard $2-4
Bus Bench $1

Pricing Options

# of

Bus Benches

Contract Length
3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Monthly Rental per bench Monthly Rental per bench Monthly Rental per bench
1-2 $85 $75
3-9 $85 $75 $65
10-19 $72 $51 $35
20-39 $70 $49 $34
40+ $64 $46 $32