Circa: 1949

This screen printed metal job-site sign would have been proudly displayed at a job location for Barker-Goldman-Lubin-Co.  This Springfield, Il based firm supplied everything a contractor would ever need.  They eventually had division of the company for lumber, contracting, and scrapping.  In 1933, they were selected as the sole contractor for the dismantlement and scrapping of the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair.  Barker-Goldman-Lubin also built hundreds of homes in the Springfield area in the 1940’s post war era.  They took a very efficient approach to building moderately priced houses during a time when many soldiers were returning from WWII.


Goldman sold out his portion of the business in 1949 and retained the scrap operation.  The new recycling company known as Central Iron and Metal was later sold in 1986 to Lou Mervis.


Illinois times article, Rootsweb 300 N. 9th St.Barker Lubin builth this building in 1953