Custom built in-house with your font, logo, and style. Each letter is made to UL approved specs and is inspected and tested for light uniformity and brightness. Efficient in-house manufacturing provides low product cost even for custom applications.

Design :: Styles and Applications

Face Lit:: The traditional channel letter style, which illuminates on the face and utlizes vinyl or colored acrylics for a variety of color options.

Combination Face Lit/ Halo Lit:: A clear back is added or secondary lighting is to create a glow behind the letter in addition to face illumination.

ChannelLetterExampleConstruction :: Materials and Finishes

Trim Capped Letters:: This traditional letter style provides an efficient producton method for small to average sizes letters. Aluminum backs with custom bent sides (known as returns) are assembled with acrylic faces that are attached with a flexible trim cap edge to the letter return.  

Trimless Letters :: Ideal for close up viewing and architectural applications, our trimless letters include thick acrylic faces with custom machined edges.  This allow faces to be attached to returns with no visible capping or fasteners for a clean and sleek appearance.

Fabricated Letters :: Built for large scale construction, or fabricated letters are welded with heavy gauge aluminum, including welded flanges (known as a retainer) to hold in over-sized letter faces that stand up to high winds.  Each letter is engineered to perform based on the project design.

Graphics and Finishes :: Our letter returns come in various pre-fnished aluminum color options . Custom Paint finishes are also available for the perfect match to your brand.  Letters face color can be achieved with colored acrylics or translucent vinyl films with long lasting performance and uniform color.

Mounting Options:: Channel Letters can either be “Individually Flush Mount” or “Raceway Mounted”.  Individually mounted letters includes multiple fastener per letter that are concealed behind the letters.  Raceway Mounted Letters are pre-mounted in our facility and mounted with limited fasteners.  Power and wiring is also housed inside the raceway, as opposed to the inside of a wall.