A classy unique letter that is sure to impress.  Using efficient in-house manufacturing through innovative construction techniques, our Halo Illuminated letters provide a first class look that is both professional and economical. Meeting UL48 approval for applications nationwide.   Embedded LED lighting throws light onto your buildings surface or a custom background, creating a uniform sillouette. This unique lighting method is best used on non-reflective, light colored surfaces.

Construction :: Materials and Finishes

Solid Cut ::  Low profile letters are custom machine routed out of solid synthetic subtrates and embedded with with LED illumination.  Creating a cost effective, sleak, high quality letter or logo that projects your image with class.  Letters are individually mounted and spaced of the wall to create consistent glow.

Metal Fabricated:: Solid Metal Faces are precision machine cut and letter returns (sides) are welded by hand to create depth.  LED Lighting is concealed inside the letters to create a uniform halo glow.