Project Scope : Cozy Dog Drive-in partnered with Ace Sign Co. to re-imagine it’s iconic road sign, a landmark on Route 66. When the existing yellow plastic faces began to crack beyond repair, a fix was needed. The Ace Sign Co. design team began to brainstorm ideas that added value to the existing signage, rather than simply replacing it with the same yellow faces. Inspired by the 1950’s Googie style sign from years past, the new sign was designed to create an even more authentic and retro look. The iconic dancing dogs continue to spin above the new signage.

The Cozy Dog Drive In in Springfield, IL is the original home of the cornbread battered hot-dog-on-a-stick. The first Cozy Dogs were served at the Lake Springfield Beach House on June 16th, 1946. Shortly after, the Cozy Dogs were introduced to the crowds at the Illinois State Fair. Invented by Buzz Waldmire, his invention was ripped off and renamed the “corndog” which was then marketed all over the US. According to Waldmire, “you’d just better not call it a corndog.”

(Source:: Compiled by Neil Gale, Ph.D.

Industry : Restaurant and Hospitality

Location : Springfield, Illinois