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Ace Sign Company recently completed the fabrication and installation of an advanced videoboard at Robin Roberts Stadium, which marks an exciting milestone for the Springfield Lucky Horseshoes. Positioned just beyond the outfield wall in left center field, the structure incorporates both classic neon and state of the art digital technology. Boasting an impressive dimensions of 32 feet in width and 14.3 feet in height, this LED video board is the largest of its kind in the area. Crowned by the Lucky Horseshoes word-mark and accentuated by vibrant neon lights, the new scoreboard sets the tone for the future of the “Shoes”.

The addition of this cutting-edge videoboard aims to elevate the fan experience to new heights. Equipped with live statistics and headshots, captivating fan-cam footage, fresh animations, and an array of digital advertisements and commercials, it presents opportunities for ‘Shoes partners to engage with their target audience. This new stadium addition is set to change the way fans interact with the game, creating unforgettable moments at Robin Roberts Stadium.

“The Lucky Horseshoes worked with Ace Sign Company to the construct the new video board. Ace Sign Company has been a part of the Springfield Community for over 80 years and has had its work highlighted at marquis events such as Super Bowl XLVIII. Their work can be seen around the Capital City at numerous local colleges including Lincoln Land Community College, University of Illinois-Springfield, Illinois College, and more.”
“This board will be a game changer! Fans will experience the authentic neon glow high above the ballpark… alongside the largest sports video board in the community. Just like our company mission, this project will truly be “built to inspire”. Ace Sign Co. is excited for our continued partnership with the Shoes in our hometown of Springfield, IL, said CXO Scott Bringuet.
“The ‘Shoes strive to stay local, and this project was no exception. Central Illinois based Watchfire will be producing the videoboard. “
“Our ownership group is committed to the long term viability of baseball here in Springfield and we believe this project will set the tone for future stadium renovations as we will constantly look to improve the fan experience at Robin Roberts Stadium!” said ‘Shoes Chief Storyteller Jamie Toole.
‘Shoes Manager Zach George is equally as excited to add to the player experience this upcoming Summer. “Our new video board is a huge upgrade from our previous scoreboard. We’ll now be able to show our players faces, hometowns, and more information promoting them that would be otherwise un-viewable, allowing the fans to learn, and build a connection with our players. It’ll be great under the lights at Robin Roberts Stadium!”

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Industry : Landmark

Location : Springfield, IL