Circa : 1935

This rare free standing “bar back” sign features art deco details and metal trim with a fully enclosed metal body and small single stroke red neon logo.

Steak, Taters, And, Gravy?  – There are plenty of creative slogans surrounding this authentic vintage beer that originated in Southern Illinois.  It’s promoted as the gold standard of the less expensive beers and it’s low sugar volume has it know to many as the “beer of diabetics”.

Established in 1851, Stag was one of the first breweries in Illinois.  The name Stag was actually adopted in 1907 to replace the previous German based name “Kaiser” that fell out of popularity with the rise of WWI based tensions. Stag was propelled into rapid growth after the repeal of Prohibition and it’s purchase by the  Griesedieck (“GREE za deck”) family.  Stag Beer is currently owned by the Pabst Brewing Company and continues to refresh beer drinkers of Illinois and Missouri.