Circa : 1946

Since 1870, Standard Oil has been a name made famous from the likes of the world renowned industrialist and oil tycoon, John D. Rockefeller.  In 1911 the United States Supreme Court ruled that Standard Oil was an illegal monopoly at which point it was dissolved into 34 smaller companies.  Many of these resulting companies carried on the Standard name. On top of the Standard Oil filling station pole sign with it’s 5’ x 7’ Oval Porcelain Enamel Sign Face stood a single piece milk white glass globe flame in a two piece porcelain bowl.  These incredibly rare flame shaped glass globes are sought after by many automotive antique collectors. Also featured in the Ace Sign Co. Museum Collection is the Porcelain Enamel Face as seen in the photos linked below.

Standard Oil Trust

Barrett Jackson

Collectors Weekly

Old Gas