Circa : 1930

Yellow?  That’s right, yellow was once the standard color for stop signs.

History of the Stop Sign…

1915 – The first recorded stop sign was installed in Detroit, Michigan, which consisted of black letters on a square white metal rectangular background.

1923 –  The Mississippi Valley of State Highway Departments developed an influential set of sign shapes which included the use of an octagon shape for stop signs.

1935 – The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices adopted yellow as the standard color for Stop Signs, since it had better contrast at night.

1954 – The advent of new reflective films allowed red to be adopted as the new standard color for Stop Signs.

This particular stop sign is believed to be manufactured between 1930 and 1940.  It  features embossed lettering and borders with a yellow background and black letters.  The letters are decorated with reflective beads also known as “Cat-Eyes” or Cataphote Reflectors.

This reflective glass bead technology preceded the invention of reflective films which we see in today’s traffic signs.

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