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Franklin G. Horn and his wife, Alvina started Ace from their garage with a small truck and brushes. Hand lettering glass doors, vehicles and oil cloth signs was a way of life. One of the first work orders written on the left shows a vehicle lettered for Meadow Gold Milk for $5.60


Ace moves to a larger facility and opens a new neon plant at 114 N. 2nd St. Many historic neon signs originated at the location, including the company logo pictured in the window. The sign continues to burn bright today at the current manufacturing facility.


Ace finds breathing room with the purchase of a new building at 402 N. 4th St., the building it would call home for 50 plus years. The company continued expanding, creating electric signs and "signs of all kinds" that became landmarks throughout the region.


Ace purchases their first large installation truck with a manually operated 45' boom. The photo to the left shows Joe Bringuet, second generation family and current owner, operating the new peice of equipment. Projects such as the INB clock continue to add to the list of unique signs created by Ace.


Ace rises to the occasion with the purchase of a 110' hydraulic crane truck. Reaching new heights in large sign installations. Neon and incandescent light bulbs shed light onto a world of eye-catching and dazzling displays.


Ace advances beyond hand painting with the purchase of one the world's very first automated lettering systems. What started as a modest pick up truck had grown to a full service fleet of sign installation crews.


Ace turns their growning pains into an addition that streches to the corner of 4th and Mason. Graphic artists make the transition from hand-drawing to computer-aided design, while Outdoor grade / full color digital printing arrives in the graphics department soon after.


The new millennium brings new technology and state-of-the-art LED video boards explode in popularity. What was once old, is now brought back to its original splendor with renovations such as the South Town Theater Marquee.

Ace celebrates its 70th year in business. What started with paint and a brush has grown to a staff of more than 30, including three of the four generations of family dedicated to providing the same level of quality and service established in 1940.



The long lasting Ace tradition of innovation brings landmark projects to life such as the World's Largest Diamond sculpture lighted with 2000 LED's. Efficient manufacturing for nationwide clients expands the companies footprint, reaching 150 cities and 30 states as well as internationally.


Ace Sign Co moves to a new facility. Originally built as a Sears Warehouse building, over 42,000 square feet of interior space and 4 acres of property have been renovated to provide increased efficiency and accommodate future growth.


Ace Sign Company builds the Roman Numerals for Superbowl Boulevard. The 9 foot tall by 38 foot wide LED illuminated acrylic numerals were fabricated with manufacturing techniques developed by Ace Sign Company to meet the high standards set by the National Football League.

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Our Facility.

:: 50,000 Square feet
:: (2) Spray Booths / Mixing Stations
:: (2) CNC Routers
:: (4) Welding Fabrication Stations
:: HO, LED, and Neon Electrical Stations
:: Sheet Metal and Letter Fabrication Stations
:: Testing, Prototyping, and Sampling Areas
:: (2) Large Format Roll-to-Roll Printers
:: Flatbed Direct UV Printing
:: Large Format Laminators/Applicator
:: Large Format Plotters
:: Fleet of 15 Installation/Service Trucks with over 15o ft reach

Our Story.

In 1940, Franklin G. Horn and his wife Alvina started Ace with a pick-up truck and modest store front, Hand lettering glass doors, vehicles and oil cloth signs was a way of life, and as technology advanced, so did Ace Sign Co. Seventy six years, four generations of family, and many technological advances have changed the way Ace Sign co. operates, but our passion to take care of our customers and provide them with the highest quality products remains unchanged. From hand lettering to digital printing, from neon to LED’s, and from billboards to full motion video boards, Ace Sign Co.’s philosophy continues to guide the company as a leader in the sign industry.

Today, Ace Sign Co. helps businesses nationwide develop and maintain a professional image with quality-built and first class designed signage. No matter the size of the project, we offer a streamlined experience that focuses on results.  We build more than signs. We Build Brands.

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