Individual mounted letters can be the ideal signage for a variety of applications.  From custom neon and LED lighting to simple routed letters, efficient in-house routing equipment and fabrication makes for cost effective, one of kind letters.

Illuminated Letters

Display your name in vivid light. Our handcrafted letters utilize a variety of lighting techniques, such as LED, neon, bulbs, and more. Styles include channel letters, Halo-lit letters, and Specialty Fabricated letters. Explore them all here and see what the perfect blend of style and lighting options is for your application.

Channel Letters

Custom built in-house with your font, logo, and style. Each letter is made to UL approved specs and is inspected and tested for light uniformity and brightness. Efficient in-house manufacturing provides low product cost even for custom applications.

Halo-lit Letters

A classy unique letter that is sure to impress. These letters are created with a variety of materials, LED modules are then attached to the back of each letter. These LED’s throw light onto your buildings surface, creating a halo effect. This unique lighting method is best used on non-reflective, light colored surfaces such as brick or drivet.

Specialty Lighting

The possibilities are endless with specialty lighting to provide any effect you can imagine. From oscillating LED bulbs to exposed neon tubing, our creative design staff can create a truly one of a kind design that stands out from the ordinary, and makes your sign a landmark.

Non-Illuminated Letters

The perfect cut, every time. Our Non-illuminated letters are machine routed in-house to match the unique look of you very own brand. Cut from a variety of materials and coated by our precise in-house paint system, see how each material and finish offers you your unique look, with the highest level of durability and quality.

PVC Letters

Professional appeal for an economical price. These letters are routed out of our light-weight and affordable PVC. Solid colors are then added with an automotive grade paint or vinyl graphics for multi-color applications. An affordable option without sacrificing quality.

High Density Urethane Letters

The shape, cut, and finish you have been looking for. This carve-able and durable material can be cut into any shape, allowing for thick profile letters with custom face cuts and unlimited color options. Also available in high shine, long lasting metal alloy finishes, including gold leaf and palladium.

Cast Metal Letters

Durability and long lasting beauty. Our cast metal letters are cased with solid metal and include a lifetime guarantee. These letters are available in various depths and come in 16 finishes including polished, anodized, or oxidized.