The Giant Slide on State Fairgrounds

"A Visit Springfield International "Slide Down 66" marketing campaign will start in 2023 with the goal of welcoming 250,000 sliders through the Route 66 Centennial in 2026." Project Scope : The Giant slide at the Illinois State Fair grounds has been a family attraction since 1968. In 2022, [...]

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Wendell Phillips Academy High School

Project Scope : The Ace Sign Co. Graphics and Custom Fabrication Teams completed a comprehensive Environmental Graphics & Signage package for the "Wildcats Hall of Fame" at Wendell Phillips Academy in Chicago, IL. The project includes over 1,000 square feet of digitally printed wall coverings, illuminated suspended Wildcats letters, custom mesh cage light sconces, [...]

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Humphrey’s Market

"Watching Ace Sign Co. raise the newly restored sign has been impactful on the community as well. Customers have been pouring into the shop sharing memories the artifact has brought back." Project Scope : The oldest independent grocery store in Springfield selected Ace Sign Co. to restore two [...]

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Jacksonville School District

Project Scope : Across Jacksonville, IL, the Jacksonville School District 117 provides quality education with 10 different school facilities in the community. Ace Sign Company has worked with the Jacksonville School District to design, manufacture, and install signage across multiple schools in the district. Each Monument Sign compliments the nearby schools' architecture while blending [...]

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Marx Fireplaces & Lighting

Project Scope : For two decades, Marx Fireplaces and Lighting has trusted Ace Sign Co. with its visual communications, including Fleet Graphics and Exterior Signage. Constantly adapting to the newest technology, this latest "wrap-around" Digital Monolith is the fourth Freestanding Sign structure for the business and a testament to [...]

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Rutland Products

Project Scope : Rutland partnered up with Ace Sign Co. to design and install modified post and panel and wayfinding signs. Ace Sign Co. produced multiple post and panel hybrids with dimensional PVC letters, wayfinding for truckers and non-lit rail mounted letters for the company's office. Industry: Corporate Location : Jacksonville, Illinois [...]

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Maroa Public Library

Project Scope : Maroa Public Library, a community-focused library in the small town of Maroa, IL, sought a reliable and professional solution to communicate with community members. After considering several options, the Library selected Ace Sign Co. to design, manufacture, and install this architectural Monument Sign. The Peak Series Monument is part of the [...]

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The Village of Williamsville

Project Scope : Village of Williamsville revives community center signage The Village of Williamsville, IL, was in need of replacing an outdated and worn sign in front of Village Hall. Working with the Ace Sign Co. design team, a retrofit solution on the existing brick pillars was developed. The custom radiused sign cabinet sets [...]

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Great Rivers & Routes

Project Scope : The Ace Sign Co Graphics team worked with Great Rivers and Routes Tourism bureau leaders on the creative design, production, and installation of full Jeep wrap, acting as a mobile tourism center. The wrap highlights the cities of Southern Illinois with an integrated map and bold branding. The Jeep, nicknamed [...]

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Farnsworth Group

Project Scope : Farnsworth Group is an employee-owned National Design Firm in architecture and engineering. After several successful project collaborations with their architects and engineers, the Farnsworth Group partnered with Ace Sign Co to facilitate the needs of their new office space in Springfield, IL. With the vision of their design team, Ace [...]

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