Williamsville High School

Project Scope : Ace Sign Co. was selected to manufacture and install the interior and exterior signage at the beautifully renovated Williamsville-Sherman Jr/Sr High School in Williamsville, Illinois. The project included two 14' x 28' exterior illuminated logos combining multiple lighting and construction methods, located at the new athletic field and school entrance. In [...]

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Village of Chatham

Project Scope : The Village of Chatham worked with our Custom Sign Team to design, manufacture, and install three new Gateway Entry Signs. These quality structures provide classic style with long term durability, featuring stone columns, Dimensional Lettering, and Durawood accents. Industry : Government Location : Chatham, IL [...]

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HSHS St. John’s Hospital Women & Children’s Clinic :: 1908 Race Riot Mural

Project Scope : The management at HSHS St. John’s Hospital wanted to highlight the history of the property where the new Women & Children’s Clinic is located and to share the history of the 1908 Race Riots with the community through an interpretive mural.  In response, Ace designed, planned and implemented an elegant yet [...]

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St. John’s Lutheran Church

Project Scope : With a history of over 100 years, the St. John's Lutheran Church in Springfield, IL is continuing to build for the future. Partnering with the Ace Sign Co. team to design, manufacture and install a new exterior Monument Sign and Interior Graphics. The exterior monument sign features a unique digital display [...]

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Watchfire Signs

Project Scope : An 18 foot wide illuminated fireball hovers above the entrance to the recently expanded Watchfire Signs, a leading manufacturer of LED signs and 75 year partner of Ace Sign Company.  The fabricated sculpture of the company's icon was a vision brought to reality by Ace Sign Company's design, fabrication, and installation teams. [...]

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Springfield Lucky Horseshoes

Project Scope : Ace Sign Company recently completed the fabrication and installation of an advanced videoboard at Robin Roberts Stadium, which marks an exciting milestone for the Springfield Lucky Horseshoes. Positioned just beyond the outfield wall in left center field, the structure incorporates both classic neon and state of the art digital technology. Boasting [...]

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Alive! on 66

Project Scope : Since 1940, our team has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of business owners with a vision to start a brand. Alive! on 66 , located at Route 66 Motorheads is another shining example, from branding design to authentic custom neon signage. See how the owner, Becky Metzger, turned her passion [...]

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International Prep Academy

Project Scope : The Ace Sign Co. Graphics and Fabrication Teams completed a comprehensive Environmental Graphics & Signage package for the International Prep Academy in Champaign, IL. The project includes Digitally Printed Wall Murals, Building Letters, Custom Printed Indoor Banners, Window Graphics, ADA Signage, and Custom Printed Acrylic Panels. The project was completed in [...]

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Dog Haus

Project Scope : Dog Haus engaged Ace Sign Co. to manufacture and install the full exterior and interior signage and graphics package for its location in Peoria, IL. This project included Exterior Identification using both LED and Neon Illumination, while the interior graphics package incorporated printed wall coverings, custom menu boards, neon signage, and [...]

MJ Kellner

Project Scope : MJ Kellner partnered with Ace Sign Co. to launch its fresh new brand in 2022. The project included exterior building lettering, interior dimensional branding, a team recognition display, interior ADA signage, and a comprehensive fleet graphic package. Working closely with the team at MJ Kellner, the Ace Sign Co. "Custom Sign" [...]

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WCIC FM – Peoria

Project Scope : Sharing hope in Jesus Christ... through inspirational signage. WCIC engaged the Ace Sign Co. team to roll out new branding at its Peoria, IL headquarters. Ace Sign Co. thoughtfully designed, manufactured, and installed a new Monument Sign, Building Sign, Interior Lobby Signage, and Vehicle Fleet Graphics. Full coverage vehicle wraps carry [...]

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Cozy Dog Drive In

Project Scope : Cozy Dog Drive-in partnered with Ace Sign Co. to re-imagine it’s iconic road sign, a landmark on Route 66. When the existing yellow plastic faces began to crack beyond repair, a fix was needed. The Ace Sign Co. design team began to brainstorm ideas that added value to the existing signage, [...]

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Hae’s Bakery & Coffee Shoppe

Project Scope : Hae's Bakery and Coffee, a family owned bakery in Springfield, IL partnered with Ace Sign Co. to design, manufacture and install a full signage package for their newly opened café. This farmhouse chic styled development included in-house engineering and fabrication of Rail Mounted Building Letters, Extruded Custom Metal Canopies, Vinyl Graphics [...]

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Perk Coffee Co.

Project Scope : Niemann Foods partnered with Ace Sign Co. to manufacture and install a full signage package for its new drive-thru coffee brand, Perk Coffee Co. The new location was built from the ground up in Jacksonville, IL. The project includes in-house engineering and fabrication of Roof Mounted Signage, Simulated Window Framed Graphics, [...]

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The Giant Slide on State Fairgrounds

"A Visit Springfield International "Slide Down 66" marketing campaign will start in 2023 with the goal of welcoming 250,000 sliders through the Route 66 Centennial in 2026." Project Scope : The Giant slide at the Illinois State Fair grounds has been a family attraction since 1968. In 2022, [...]

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Wendell Phillips Academy High School

Project Scope : The Ace Sign Co. Custom Signage Teams completed a Environmental Graphics & Signage package for the "Wildcats Hall of Fame" at Wendell Phillips Academy in Chicago, IL. The project includes over 1,000 square feet of digitally printed wall coverings, illuminated suspended Wildcats letters, custom mesh cage light sconces, Dimensional lettering, ADA [...]

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Humphrey’s Market

"Watching Ace Sign Co. raise the newly restored sign has been impactful on the community as well. Customers have been pouring into the shop sharing memories the artifact has brought back." Project Scope : The oldest independent grocery store in Springfield selected Ace Sign Co. to restore two [...]

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Jacksonville School District

Project Scope : Across Jacksonville, IL, the Jacksonville School District 117 provides quality education with 10 different school facilities in the community. Ace Sign Company has worked with the Jacksonville School District to design, manufacture, and install signage across multiple schools in the district. Each Monument Sign compliments the nearby schools' architecture while blending [...]

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Marx Fireplaces & Lighting

Project Scope : For two decades, Marx Fireplaces and Lighting has trusted Ace Sign Co. with its visual communications, including Fleet Graphics and Exterior Signage. Constantly adapting to the newest technology, this latest "wrap-around" Digital Monolith is the fourth Freestanding Sign structure for the business and a testament to [...]

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Rutland Products

Project Scope : Rutland partnered up with Ace Sign Co. to design and install modified post and panel and wayfinding signs. Ace Sign Co. produced multiple post and panel hybrids with dimensional PVC letters, wayfinding for truckers and non-lit rail mounted letters for the company's office. Industry: Corporate Location : Jacksonville, Illinois [...]

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